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Artist: Natalija Subotincic

Title: Penumbra (image above and below)
Date: 2004

Notes: "The sun and its shadow complete the work" (Democritus, 8th century B.C.) These are the introductory images for Subotincic's architectural Proposal for an Extension to the The Museum of Jurassic Technology. Click at left to download the PDF graphics for this project.

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The Museum of Jurassic Technologyis a unique institution that houses acurious collection of objects,artifactsand events located in Los Angeles, California. The Museum raisesquestions about the role of museumsand how we as a culture organize andarchive artifacts. Experiencing themuseum, leads us to challenge ourperceptions of what is real, and forcesus to confront our understandings ofscience, natural history, and art.

In his article "Beyond Belief: TheMuseum as Metaphor," writer RalphRugoff eloquently describes theMuseum in the following terms:
By making use of information thatlies on the edges of our cultural literacy--things we've heard of but don'tnecessarily know much about, suchas bat radar,ultraviolet rays, or theJurassic itself --the museum draws usinto a shadowy zone where exhibits slip from thefactual to the metaphorical with disarming fluency ……The museum never discards categories such ashistory and fiction,or science and art; it simplyimplies they ’re not necessarily hygienic, thatcontagion and overlap between them is possible, ifnot actually quite common...

…But this museum isn't merely a model of somethingelse --it's a technology for altering habitual ways ofseeing and thinking. Abrogating its own authorityis central to this process. In punctuating itsinstitutional facade, it frees us from feeling beholdento the museum's traditional 'objectivity' and opensthe way to our recovering the authority of subjectiveexperience …
In the year 2000 the Museum acquired two buildingsand an empty site adjoining its present facilitiesand began plans for an extension.This design wascompleted in February 2004 and has been developedto a stage where the model and drawings are currentlybeing used to raise funds for the project.

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