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FitzGerald in Context

For Professor Marilyn Baker, an art historian at the University of Manitoba School of Art, the exhibition FitzGerald in Context was the culmination of a long archival engagement with a man who is central to the history of Manitoban art both as an artist and an educator. The results, for which we thank Dr. Baker most effusively, are available on this web site, a Gallery One One One project that is already the largest online resource devoted to this artist. This web site will continue to expand to include more scholarship, images, and revelations about FitzGerald.

Gallery One One One gratefully acknowledges the support of the Government of Manitoba, Department of Culture, Heritage, and Tourism, and School of Art staff and volunteers. Special thanks to Dianne Scoles, Kim Nguyen, Vanessa Stuardo, Seth Woodyard, Chantal MacIntyre-Muir, the late Virginia Berry, the Hudson's Bay Company Archives, the Archives of Manitoba, the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections, the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

A great thanks also to Robert Epp, Gallery One One One's Gallerist, who coordinated the loans and the installation.

- Cliff Eyland
Director: Gallery One One One

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