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Lita Fontaine, Tenth Winter

Wintercount image

Lita Fontaine Then Now-Sea

Wintercount image

Lita Fontaine, Before After-Selkirk Avenue

Lita Fontaine - Artist Statement

Tenth Winter entails ghostly images of young girls in residential school, highlighting the tenth winter of the girls’ life caught in a halfway world between their parents and the school. The whole experience was a crucial event in their life’s history and would certainly be relegated a spot in their winter count.

Before/After and Then/Now play with the cycle of time. It can denote a time in one’s life cycle as well as that of nature. There is no starting point for the future may be in the past or the past may lie in the future. In Then/Now the calmness of the water eclipses the grittiness of the city street as the serenity of age follows that of troubled youth. Similarly in Before/After the urban and rural images symbolize different times for the same space or different spaces at the same time.